Author: Terry

  • Allow docker container to access service on host

    Say for example you have a MySQL server running on the host machine and want your docker container to be able to connect to it. When using docker-compose the following config in the yaml will allow this. extra_hosts: Now, inside your container to connect to the host use the address : host.docker.internal My scenario for […]

  • Linux disk write speed test

    Show the write speed of the current mounted drive. Note, this is run inside home benchmark directory

  • Where are start menu folders in windows 10?

    When trying to clean up my start menu, I couldn’t find where the links / shortcuts were source:

  • Get external IP

    Testing if your VPN is working correctly on linux update on 26-Nov-2021: Wget and curl alternatives

  • ffmpeg cheat sheet

    After upscaling an old movie, I wanted to compress the output to make it a more appropriate size. Control Quality Quality is controlled through specifying a bitrate through -b:v and -b:a Most popular is the constant rate factor resulting in variable bit rate in a single pass. Range 0 – 51 Sane Range 19 – […]

  • PHP Errors

    Quick and dirty – add this to your PHP file to show all errors instead of server error 500 message

  • WordPress – Child Templates

    It’s been a while since I’ve done anything in WordPress, and I wanted to customise the 2020 theme. Which seems nice To make a child theme, you need to start with 3 things: A new directory functions.php style.css Directory Add a new directory – named your theme name, in the path: wp-content/themes/ functions.php Create a […]

  • 2020

    It’s about time I started using WordPress for what it’s all about, why I pay for the domain and the hosting every month and the main reason why I made the site in the first place … for blogging. Maybe one of the reason’s why I haven’t is because of the invention of social media: […]